Parent Information

Parent Information

At Highvale we aim to maximise parent involvement and engagement in a broad range of roles to support each child’s learning. Our School Council is the governing body of our school. Our Highvale Primary Community Group (HPCG) support the engagement of our students and families and have a strong commitment to fund raising to enhance opportunities for all students. Please read the relevant sections below to learn how to get involved.

The School Documents section below provides resources for parents. We hope you find them useful. The Policies section is updated annually as per School Council’s schedule. This includes polices related to the Victorian Government and Highvale Primary School’s commitment to Child Safety and other procedural documentation.

Child Safe

As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust report, which found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in our community, there is a new regulatory landscape surrounding child safety, underpinned by the Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Relevant policies and related documents, including our ‘Child Safe’ policy and our ‘Child Safety Code of Conduct’ are available from the Policies section below. Before volunteering as a parent helper whether it be in the classroom or for an event where students are involved a Working with Children check must be completed. They are available from the Post Office or online at Please note, that where required the school will implement and act upon relevant strategies and procedures for responding to suspected child abuse and for responding to other concerns about the wellbeing of a child.

We note that fulfilling the roles and responsibilities contained in our strategies and procedures does not displace or discharge any other obligations that arise if a person reasonably believes that a child is at risk of child abuse.

Child safety and wellbeing at Highvale Primary School: information for families and the school community

Highvale Primary School is committed to providing a child safe and child friendly environment, where students are safe and feel safe. 

Our child safety and wellbeing policies outline the measures and strategies we have in place to support, promote and maintain the safety and wellbeing of our students. 

As valuable partners in promoting and maintaining child safety and wellbeing at our school, we welcome and encourage your feedback. 

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions in relation to our child safe policies and practices, please contact our school office on 98878000 to make an appointment to speak with the principal or assistant principal.

Child Safe Policies can be located under the Parents Menu.  Scroll down to Documents & Polices and click on the Policies link. 


Key dates

2023 DET & School Council Student Free Dates

Term 1 – Friday 27th January 2023 – DET Student Free Day for all schools
Staff Professional Learning – Staff Induction Day 1 and Administration
Term 1 – Monday 30th January 2023 – School Council Endorsed Student Free Day
Staff Professional Learning – Staff Induction Day 2 
Term 2 – Friday 2nd June 2023 – School Council Endorsed Student Free Day
Staff Professional Learning – Curriculum Planning and Report Moderation
Term 3 – Friday 8th September 2023 – School Council Endorsed Student Free Day
Teacher Professional Practice Day – Term 4 Planning and Preparation
Term 4 – Monday 6th November 2023 – School Council Endorsed Student Free Day
Staff Professional Learning – Curriculum Planning and Report Moderation

2023 Term Dates – Students

Term 1 – Tuesday 31st January (All students commence) – Friday 6th April (Students finish 2.30pm)
Term 2 – Monday 24th April – Friday 23rd June (Students finish 2.30pm)
Term 3 – Monday 10th July – Friday 15th September (Students finish 2.30pm)
Term 4 – Monday 2nd October – Wednesday 20th December (Students finish 1.30pm)


Please also see the Diary Dates section of our school newsletter ‘Highvale Happenings’ which is accessible through the Home page of our website.

Documents & Policies


Whole School

Department of Education Schools’ Privacy Policy
Department of Education School’s Privacy Policy: Information for Parents: English, Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish, & Vietnamese.
2 HPS Student Wellbeing And Engagement Policy 2021
4 HPS Schools Electronic Funds Management Policy 2023
6 HPS Privacy Policy 2019
7 HPS Anaphylaxis Policy 2023
8 HPS Complaints Policy 2022
9 HPS Attendance Policy 2022
10 HPS Volunteers Policy 2023
11 HPS Photographing, Filming And Recording Students 2022
12 HPS Working With Children And Suitability Checks Staff Policy 2019
13 HPS SunSmart Policy 2020
14 HPS Purchasing Card Policy 2023
15 HPS Head Lice Policy 2019
16 HPS Asthma Policy 2023
20 HPS Duty Of Care Policy 2023
21 HPS Yard Duty And Supervision Policy Parents And Students 2021
22 HPS First Aid Policy 2023
25 HPS Medication Policy 2023
28 HPS Mandatory Reporting Policy
29 HPS Camps And Excursions Policy 2021
30 HPS CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK Curriculum Design Policy 2023
31 HPS CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK Instructional Practice Policy 2023
33 Bullying Prevention Policy 2023
34 HPS CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK Assessment & Reporting Policy 2023
38 HPS Cash Handling Policy 2023
40 HPS CCTV Policy 2019
42 HPS Health Care Needs Policy 2023
43 HPS Personal Accident And Personal Property Insurance Policy 2019
44 HPS Personal Property Policy 2023
45 HPS Mobile Phones Student Use Policy 2023
46 HPS Parent Disputes Policy 2023
47 HPS Refund Policy 2023
48 HPS Petty Cash Policy 2023
49 HPS Statement Of Values And School Philosophy 2023
50 HPS Yard Duty And Supervision Policy Primary School 2021
53 HPS Inclusion And Diversity Policy 2022
57 HPS Visitors Policy 2022
60 HPS Respect For School Staff 2023
62. HPS Dress Code Policy Students 2021
70 HPS Hire Of Facilities 2019

Vehicles on School Grounds – Drop Off and Pick Up

HPS Vehicle Access Rules May 2020

Child Safe

37 HPS Child Safety Policy 2022
HPS Child Safety Code Of Conduct 2022
52 HPS Child Safety Reporting Obligations Policy And Procedures 2022
8. HPS Complaints Policy 2022
2 HPS Student Wellbeing And Engagement Policy 2021
33 Bullying Prevention Policy 2023
10 HPS Volunteers Policy 2023
57. HPS Visitors Policy 2022
18 HPS Digital Learning Policy 2023
18 Appendix 1 HPS Digital Learning Safe & Acceptable Use Expectations Prep Year 2 2023
18 Appendix 2 HPS Digital Learning Safe & Acceptable Use Expectations Year 3 6 2023
Appendix 2 Incident Report Template
HPS Statement Of Commitment To Child Safety STD 2 2019
Information Session To Help Parents Explain Child Safety

Digital Technologies

18 HPS Digital Learning Policy 2023
18 Appendix 1 HPS Digital Learning Safe & Acceptable Use Expectations Prep Year 2 2023
18 Appendix 2 HPS Digital Learning Safe & Acceptable Use Expectations Year 3 6 2023


27. HPS Homework Policy 2022
Prep Homework Template Sample
Year 1&2 Homework Template Sample
Year 3&4 Homework Template Sample
Year 5&6 Homework Template Sample

Home Learning

The following resources are provided as a substitute for Remote Online Learning for situations where the Internet is not accessible. 

Parents are encouraged to access these resources and download the items suitable for their children. Parents may also like to print these so that they are ready should there be a Wi-Fi failure and Seesaw Class is not accessible. 

The resources will be progressively updated so please check back regularly.

Home Learning

Parent Information Handbook For Remote Learning

Highvale Primary School Remote Learning Handbook For Parents May 2021
Appendix 1 Student Absences Using School Stream

Prep Learning Community 

Going Further Optional Maths Tasks P-2

Handwriting Sheets
Aa Handwriting
Bb Handwriting
Cc Handwriting
Dd Handwriting
Ee Handwriting
Ff Handwriting
Gg Handwriting
Hh Handwriting
Ii Handwriting
Jj Handwriting
Kk Handwriting
Ll Handwriting
Lowercase Practice Sheets
Mm Handwriting
Nn Handwriting
Oo Handwriting
Pp Handwriting
Qq Handwriting
Rr Handwriting
Ss Handwriting
Tt Handwriting
Uppercase Practice Sheets
Uu Handwriting
Xx Handwriting
Yy Handwriting
Zz Handwriting

Additional Activities
Home Learning Pack Prep

1/2 Learning Community 

Going Further Optional Maths Tasks P-2

Alphabet Handwriting Sheets 1-2
Book Review

Additional Activities 
Year 1 School Closure Learning From Home Pack
Year 2 School Closure Learning From Home Pack Part 1
Year 2 School Closure Learning From Home Pack Part 2
Year 2 School Closure Learning From Home Pack Part 3


3/4 Learning Community 

Arrays Game 1
Arrays Game 2
Perplexing Puzzles 123 4 For Years 3 4
Word Problems Multiplication Division

Book Review Template

5/6 Learning Community 

Problem Solving Maths 5&6
Rich Learning Maths Year 5
Rich Learning Maths Year 6
Coordinates And Area Island Game
56 Going Further Maths Optional Resources

The Garden
Spitting Animals
Fancy Bread
A Mob Of Meerkats
Rock Paper Sixths Maths Game
Australia Years 5 And 6 Handwriting And Mindfulness Colouring Booklet
Queen Of The Night
Leaf Cutter Ants
Great Minds Albert Einstein
Elephant Seals
In Depth Book Review Writing Template

Additional Activities
Comic Book Templates
Chatterbox Template

Highvale Primary Community Group (HPCG)

A team of parent members works in consultation with the Principal and staff to support Highvale in many ways, including:

  • Fundraising for learning equipment including Apple TVs and Robotics, and playground equipment.
  • The Scholastic Book Fair.
  • Special events such as Twilight Sports, Carols, discos, Mother’s Day stall, and Father’s Day breakfast.

The HPCG welcomes all members of the community to assist their efforts, both regularly and casually. Please speak to the office and our HPCG president will be in contact with you.

Uniform Shop

Staffed by volunteer parents, the Uniform Shop is usually open on the 1st Monday of each term and then fortnightly on Mondays for the rest of the term from 8.45am until 9.30am.

It is located in the Senior Building, opposite the library.

However, due to the current circumstances, we ask that parents use QKR to make any uniform purchases that they need. This application allows parents to view what each uniform piece looks like, as well as sizing and payment options. Instructions on how to download QKR can be found here

School Lunches

School lunches are available to order on Fridays through Balanced Living & Catering.


QKR is our school’s preferred method of payment for parent payments, ICAS, Instrumental Music lessons, PFA special events, and special lunches. QKR is downloadable from your App Store. Instructions how to use QKR and download from your App Store can be found here.

School Stream

School Stream is an app used to deliver communication to parents, including newsletters, alerts, and special news. Information how to download and subscribe to School Stream can be viewed here.