Enrolment & Transition

School Tours & Enrolment


Highvale Primary is a caring and welcoming school.

We invite interested families to join us for a School Tour with the principal, Mr. Steve Richardson. School Tours are held every Wednesday morning commencing at 9.30am. Tours are an opportunity to meet the principal, see our learning programs in action and experience the unique characteristics of Highvale Primary School. You can download a school enrolment form or one will be provided to you when you visit our school.

At Highvale, our classes are structured to best meet the social and academic needs of our students and the provision of the Victorian Curriculum.  The Victorian Curriculum F–10 is structured as a continuum across levels of learning achievement not years of schooling. This enables the development of targeted learning programs for all students, where the curriculum is used to plan in relation to the actual learning level of each student rather than their assumed level of learning based on age. You can read more in our Highvale Parent Handbook.

Our class teachers work in teams together with their students in their ‘Learning Community’. The seven year levels are therefore situated across 4 learning communities.

  • Prep (Foundation)
  • Year 1 and 2
  • Year 3 and 4
  • Year 5 and 6

You may like to use FindMySchool to locate our school in reference to your residential address.  Further information regarding the Department of Education Placement Policy can be found at Placement Policy.

We look forward to meeting you.

Bookings are essential – Please call Andrea and Bec in the office:

9887 8000


Preschool to Prep Transition Program

We believe a smooth transition from Preschool to Prep (Foundation) is vital to provide a positive start to school life for each child and their parents.

Through participation in this program, children are provided with the opportunity to meet and become familiar with staff, our school environment and importantly, the children they will enter school with the following year.  This creates a wonderful opportunity for each  child to develop a sense of belonging, trust and familiarity which builds a positive mind set in preparation for commencing Prep.  As well, our teachers are able to interact with, build relationships and familiarise themselves with each child as an individual.  Participation in this program also enables teachers to know and understand each child’s abilities, strengths, talents and areas where support may be required.  Knowing this information prior to the commencement of the school year enhances planning and preparation for the school year and maximises the effectiveness of a strong home and school partnership.


Once your child commences Prep at Highvale, our focus is on developing the foundation knowledge, skills and understandings required to ensure your child has a great start to their primary school years.  The learning that each child experienced prior to starting school is assessed through formal and informal tasks which assist teachers to understand the diverse learning needs of each child. This is ongoing.

This information is used together with the continuum of learning from the Victorian Curriculum to plan differentiated learning tasks.  Our aim is to ensure that all students are engaged in learning which embeds and builds upon what is currently known.  This takes a great deal of expertise and time which is why our teachers work in Professional Learning Teams to actively support each other’s work and ensure each student experiences success in their learning.

Throughout Prep there is a deep focus on the five curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Personal and Social capabilities.  This includes explicit teaching of synthetic phonics as an essential building block for reading, writing and spelling.  Students are also introduced to foundation Science and Humanities concepts.  Through this learning the foundations of positive attitude, self-esteem, sense of achievement and a love of learning are also established. You can find out more about the areas of the curriculum here.

Our curriculum framework and evidence based teaching practices are designed to cater for the needs of all children so that their learning is relevant, meaningful and paced appropriately.  The Prep program features:

  • A deep understanding and provision for the diverse range of maturity, experiences, values and abilities with which children start school.
  • A focus on individual needs and learning goals, both social and academic so that each child’s learning growth is explicitly evident and monitored.
  • Explicit teaching of Cooperative Learning skills.
  • Additional support for students at Level 2 or 3 of our Response To Individual Needs (RTI) Model.  This may be corrective or extension within or external of the classroom.
  • A strong emphasis on English and Mathematics to build the required foundation knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Intervention support for EAL (English as an Additional Language) speakers.
  • Authentic opportunities for the provision of parent engagement in student learning.
  • Specialist STEAM (Science, Technology & Engineering, Arts, Mathematics including foundation robotics and coding), Performing Arts, Physical Education (including swimming) and Languages (Mandarin & German) programs.
  • Contemporary learning tools including desktop computers, iPads in every room, laptops, interactive whiteboards and screens.

Before/After School and Vacation Care program is available to all students.

Transition Prep to Year 6

School transition is a process of movement or change that takes place from one school year to the next. This change could include changes in the physical surroundings, friendships, relationships, expectations and routines.

It is our endeavour at Highvale Primary School to provide support and clear processes for all students as they move through their educational journey. For some students, family and teachers, transition may present a number of challenges.

At Highvale PS we have implemented a variety of programs that aim to provide additional transition support for our students that:

  • Encourage smooth and effective transition for all students.
  • Support teachers as they plan, monitor and assess student progress and continue to develop educational pathways for all students.
  • Include personal, social and teaching and learning transition needs of students at risk.
  • Display flexibility in timelines to accommodate all students.

Transition Year 6 to Year 7

Moving from primary to secondary school is an important step in the next stage of each child’s education. This happens alongside the transition from childhood to adolescence and includes many changes, both physically and emotionally.

At Highvale, preparation for transition to Year 7 commences well before Year 6. Through our comprehensive Prep -Y6 Wellbeing and Transition programs students are explicitly taught cooperative and collaborative skills, strategies to enhance organisation, resilience and study skills.

In Year 6 all students participate in a comprehensive transition program which includes information for parents. Our teachers work closely with local secondary schools which includes visits to local settings, access to Year 7 students from the previous Year 6 group and staff. Where required individual plans are developed to support a positive transition.

International Students

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. Highvale Primary School is a small and caring school with a supportive parent community. Highvale regularly welcomes international students to our school and we look forward to enrolling your fee paying overseas students to our school.

The Victorian Government has a centralised enrollment process for overseas students. Visit their website at study.vic.gov.au.
Please contact Mr. Steve Richardson, Principal of Highvale Primary, if you have any further questions. We look forward to welcoming your child to our school.