Maths Olympiad Training

This is one of the problems the Maths Olympiad students had to solve. Can you?

The Maths Extension & Enrichment group have spent the past few weeks developing their understanding of algebra, and learning how algebra can be used to solve complicated problems efficiently. They used this knowledge and their problem solving skills when working on ‘The Painted Cube’ challenge. It was amazing to see students being able to identify patterns, and write and apply algebraic rules to solve the problems without the need for tedious counting and calculations.

 I think it is going well. Some activities are going pretty well. Some activities are quite challenging. It’s a great idea to help us improve with others at the same level- Alan

In Maths Olympiad, I am feeling OK, yet I feel like I really need to try which is awesome! Thanks!- Talya

Maths Olympiad helps us in many ways, such as finding formulas and in algebra. It’s very interesting!- Alanna

I am finding it difficult to understand but as I do it with Mrs Pringle I understand it more- Chloe

I enjoy having more of a challenge with more people at my level- Chris

I am finding it fun but also quite challenging- Cameron

I think it is very good how I can learn with people at the same level as me- Azfar

I think it is going well and I am learning a lot- Jett

Thanks to Fiona Pringle for coaching the students for their upcoming competition!