How fabulous it is to be back at Highvale Primary School. Whilst my time away was a valuable and enjoyable learning experience it is fair to say that I missed our school community and the wonderful learning environment we have created together at Highvale Primary School.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Megan Ganter for her fabulous leadership during Term 1 and 2 and our wonderful staff for their work during this time. Thank you also to our amazing students and families for your continued support of our school. There has certainly been a lot happening.

Moving along, there is much to do and look forward to during Term 3. Due to high demand for enrolment, 2017 prep enrolments are almost complete. It is therefore likely that School tours for 2017 preps are likely to conclude on Wednesday 10th August. The 2017 Kinder-Prep Transition program commences on Thursday 11th August between 2.00-3.00pm. Thank you to Mrs Wright and Mr Arendhorst for their preparation for this program.

Our Term 3 whole concept ‘Creativity’ provides many opportunities for fabulous 21st century learning. Students will use and explore technologies, investigate scientific concepts and perform on stage at our whole school production, ‘Secrets of the Past’.

Secrets of the Past, tells the narrative of several significant historical science and technology events which impact our 21st century lifestyles. Along the way there are comical twists and important messages about the values and social skills supported at Highvale including resilience and cooperation. The production also provides students with the opportunity to use their oral language skills as they perform on stage either as a character or through song.

Students, staff and our PFA are working very hard to make this a great evening for our entire school community. Lock this date into your calendar as we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.