Year 5/6 Sovereign Hill Excursion

On Wednesday the 6th of March, all of the grade 5/6’s went on an excursion to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat for our CBL unit ‘Identity’. We started the day off with a two hour long bus ride to Sovereign Hill and when we got there we split up into four different groups. Each group participated in different activities at different times. The activities included:

  • A Goldrush Immigration Session where we learnt about what immigration is and who immigrated to Australia from different countries. We also got to be historian detectives as we investigated the lives of different people who helped make an impact during the Goldrush period. Some of us even got to dress up in the clothes that they used to wear!
  • A Gold Pour Demonstration where we were able to witness the smelting of gold into liquid form and watch it become molded into a block.
  • The Red Hill Mine where we made our way underground into the dark, small space to learn more about how gold was mined and to experience the working conditions that miners were in.
  • Panning for gold where we were able to try out our luck in finding gold. 

Overall it was a wonderful day which was enjoyed by all and all grade 5/6 students learnt a lot of new information about the Goldrush and life in the 1800’s. We would also like to give a big thank you to our parent helpers (Jennifer Lim, John Stinton and Ngoc Dang) for coming along too! 

Here are a some of the things that the grade 5/6 students enjoyed and learn during their time at Sovereign Hill:

“I really enjoyed the lollies and the fabulous dresses I saw, and I learnt that in the olden days people would have to make their own clothes and punishments were way stricter!” – Yelda

“Everyone was very excited to go to the famous lolly shop, so when the teachers announced we could go, everyone pulled out their money and rushed in. We also went into an education room where we pretended to dress up as people in the 1800s. Everyone was tired on the way back and we all collapsed into our seats.” – Tianna 

“I enjoyed being in old-timey Ballarat. I learnt that back then, the Chinese were very disrespected by others.” – Cassidy