3D Printing


On Thursday the 24th  of May half of our Year 5s had the opportunity to participate in a 3D Printing program with Highvale Secondary students. Using computers with programs such as TinkerCAD, the combined groups developed their own codes which can be used to create different items created from plastic. Our students were very engaged and learned many new skills from the secondary students which they can use in high school and perhaps even future occupations. Thanks to Bruce and Richard from Highvale Secondary for facilitating the program. The remaining Year 5 students will participate later in the year.

Jack – It was very fun because I learned how to use the 3D Printer. I was working with Clarence and Erasmus. We made a name tag on the computer and then we finished. We wanted to add something but we didn’t have any ideas, so we just finished and watched the 3D Printer make something. It was so fun!

Clarence – I now know how to use the 3D Printer to create a name tag, to drag it over, to make some designs and how to use it carefully.

Christopher – I liked working with the high school kids because it was very interesting watching the robot print. I learnt that 3D printers take a very, very long time to print. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to working with them again.

Daryl – I really enjoyed 3D Printing, not because we were in the Staff Room but because I loved watching the robot print.