Level 1/2 Discovery

Planet Earth is part of an ancient universe.

This term in Concept Curriculum, Level 1/2 students are making discoveries about water and are exploring the question – How do changes in our environment occur and affect our lives?

Students will complete learning in the following areas:
– A change in Victoria’s water resources will affect my life.
– Humans can take actions to conserve water.
– Water is a valuable resource.

The unit started with students exploring what water: looks like, smells like, tastes like and sounds like. This was a far trickier activity than they imagined!

Students thought about questions they had about water and what they would like to know, some examples of these questions were:
• How is water made?
• Why does rain fall from the sky?
• Where does water come from?
• How does water stay on earth?
• How does water get into lakes?

We all look forward to an interesting journey of discovery and understanding about water.