Year 1/2 Capacity & Volume

Level 1/2 have recently explored and completed learning in Mathematics about Capacity and Volume. We were challenged by looking at different shaped containers and having to order them from the ones that held the least amount of water to the largest amount of water. We discovered that different shaped containers can make this task very tricky!

We used informal units (plastic bears and beads) to measure the capacity of containers and discussed how, and why, this was not a very accurate way to measure capacity. We moved on to measuring capacity with rice, then sand and finally water. We had fun with this learning as we were able to complete some enjoyable hands-on activities.

We then moved onto measuring the volume of an object. We created different three-dimensional shapes using unifix blocks and cm cube MAB. A discovery was made that we could add up the number of blocks used and this gave us the volume of the shape. The tricky thing to remember was putting a ³ (cubed) on our answer after the unit of measurement.