Lava Lamp Experiment

The whole school focus for the Concept Curriculum this term is Change. Level 3/4 are exploring change through chemical science (states of matter) and health and the human body. We started this term by completing a science experiment in which every student developed their personal understanding of the five science inquiry skills.

  1. questioning and predicting
  2. planning and conducting
  3. recording and processing
  4. analysing and evaluating
  5. communicating

The experiment was – What would happen when water, oil, food colouring and a water-soluble tablet are combined in either a cup or soft drink bottle? Students recorded (by writing or representing their understanding in annotated drawings), their prediction, what they observed and finally a more scientific explanation of what happened.

  • “When different ingredients are added together there is a reaction” – Akshadh
  • “We learnt about particles and why water and oil don’t mix” – Abi
  • “Food colouring doesn’t mix with oil” – Ella
  • “It was great fun watching the bubbles going up and down” – Isabella
  • “We would recommend you trying it out at home” – Scully
  • “It was super cool watching the food dye split into the water” – Grace