Individual Accountability

The whole school focus for Co-operative Kids this term has been Individual Accountability. Individual Accountability requires the following points to be present:
– every member of the team contributes equally, not just one or two.
– team members are responsible for their own work.
– each individual will be accountable for a task.
– every member completes their task to the best of their own ability within the group.
– individuals receive feedback on their contribution.

To practise Individual Accountability level 3/4 students completed a fun activity. Students divided into groups of four; each group randomly chose a character they had to draw. Each group member was given a different part of the body to draw (head, body, arms or legs). Before individuals drew their body part it was necessary to have a detailed conversation about what their group wanted their character to look like. For example: size, clothing, design, accessories etc… Students then split from their group and drew their part without any further consultation with their group. They came back together, put their ‘body’ together and reflected on how well they worked together as a group and as individuals.

– “We learnt communicating is important because if you don’t the final product won’t be successful” – Ivy
– “You need to discuss your plan before you go and do your own part or it won’t be as you imagined” – Hassan
– “Teamwok makes the dreamwork” – Ayush

This is what they created!