Schwerkolt Cottage and Museum Complex

Yarran Dheran Visitor Centre and Yarran Dheran Walk

On Wednesday 21st February, Year 3/4 students, teachers and parent helpers headed off to Schwerkolt Cottage and Museum Complex and Yarran Dheran Reserve in Mitcham. This excursion supported our CBL ‘Community’ learning about history and where people in our community have come from throughout time.

It was a day full of learning about how early Australian settlers lived and worked in Mitcham and how indigenous people interacted with the environment for food, medicines, clothing and hardware to build shelter and tools.

A big thank you to our parent volunteers and to the Whitehorse City Council staff and volunteers for making our day so enjoyable and rich in new knowledge.
It was an exciting and interesting day – Ella

We learnt about aboriginal people and how they used their environment to survive – Kishaya

It was great looking at all the olden day machinery – Harry

It showed us how people lived in the olden days and what things they used – Issy

The museum showed us how technology has evolved – Jonathan.

We learnt that early Australians and the aboriginals were sustainable in how they lived – Abi