IMAX and Melbourne Museum

This term our whole school concept is ‘Discovery’, and in Year 5/6 we are learning about Earth and its place in the Solar System. Our big idea is ‘Earth is a part of a system of planets orbiting the Sun’. To educate ourselves on our big idea, we decided to embark on a journey to IMAX to watch a movie about our planet Earth and visit the Melbourne Museum. 

We arrived by public transport via the train from Glen Waverley Station to Parliament Station, and from here we went on a 10 minute walk to IMAX and the Museum. From the 3D movie we discovered how our planet Earth was created, where life may have originated on Earth and how life is possible and, so far, sustainable. After the movie we visited the Museum next door, where we were fortunate enough to visit a variety of exhibitions such as the 600 Million Years gallery, the Dynamic Earth gallery and the Forest Walk. See our gallery for some of the photos of our day 🙂 

Overall we had a fun, educational and exhausting day, and we cannot wait to be able to apply our newly gained knowledge and experiences to our Concept Learning sessions about Earth and the Solar System. 
We would also like to say a big thank you to our parent volunteers for joining us and assisting us on our excursion! 🙂