Year 1/2 Back in Time

On Monday the 4th of March all Level 1/2 students took part in a morning of going Back in Time. Our whole school CBL topic this term is Identity and the Big Idea for Level 1/2 is – Past people and places have impacted how we live today, the Key Understanding we were focusing on was – I can identify how my childhood experiences are different to my parents and grandparents.

All students completed four rotations. These were Hopscotch and Marbles with Miss Kelaart. Hula Hoops, Pickup Sticks and Elastics with Miss Wood. Old time classroom with Mrs Williamson and Technology with Mrs Scully.

The students loved learning new games and found Mrs Williamson’s strict classroom not only funny but surprising in the way they had to interact with adults and very different expectations of behaviour then they are used to. Students were able to interact with technology of the past and had interesting discussions about what a current mobile phone can do and the way all these things have been done in the past.