Welcome to Highvale, Baby Chicks!

Cheep, cheep cheep!!! These are the precious sounds we are hearing from our Prep rooms and it’s incredibly exciting.

As part of the whole-school Concept Curriculum focus this term, ‘Change’, the Preps have been learning about how living things grow and change over time. On Monday 30th April, we welcomed 10 delicate chicken eggs to Highvale to help us with developing this understanding. We patiently waited throughout Monday and Tuesday for any signs of possible hatchings. But it was not until Wednesday morning when we arrived at school that we found 4 precious, fluffy chickens in our incubator! We were then lucky enough to see the other 6 chickens hatch throughout the day.

Throughout their time with us, we have learnt how to make predictions about their changing looks as well as learning the following concepts related to ‘Change’:

–          Time: It takes time for us to grow and build strength

–          Food and Water: We need food and water to help us continue to grow

–          Care: We need to care of ourselves and peers to help each other grow

–          Difference: We are each different and unique and that makes us special

Have a look at our eggcellent photos to see the learning and fun we have had with our Highvale chicks!

Check out our time lapse video of the chicks hatching! The magic happens 19 seconds into the video.