Prep Scientists!

Last week, the Preps had the opportunity to be scientists!

We have been learning about plants and animals and what makes them living things.

We completed an experiment which involved placing a flower into water with coloured food dye to find out how important water is to a plant. The coloured food dye helped us to see how a plant needs water to survive.

Before we started the experiment we had to draw a hypothesis. We had to predict what we thought was going to happen. Some of us thought the flower would grow! Some of us thought the petals might fall off our flower! A few of us thought that the flower would change colour!

We completed the experiment in small groups and had a lot of fun doing it! We then left our experiment for 24 hours.

Look at the pictures below to see what happened!

We learnt that most plants ‘drink’ water through their roots. The water travels up the stem of the plant until it reaches the leaves and flowers. Our flowers were cut, so they didn’t have any roots. The stem was still able to ‘drink’ the water and send it to the leaves and flower.