Year 3/4 Camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort

“Oh my gosh- it’s a sting ray! It’s MASSIVE!!”
“It’s over there! It’s bigger than a hula hoop. See?”

This was one of our most memorable experiences from 3/4 Camp this year and it was within the first hour of leaving school.

On Wednesday 16th of October all the Year 3/4s left the school gates on two large coaches to experience our first camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. We would be away for two nights and three days and many of us couldn’t wait. We were filled with a mixture of nerves and anticipation but most importantly, excitement!

Our first stop was at the beach where we couldn’t wait to see the pelicans being fed. We thought it was an amazing sight but the massive stingray stole the show. It was larger than any other sting ray- perhaps measuring 1.5m by 1.5m. We loved how it elegantly swam through the waters and became its own celebrity.

Once we arrived at camp, we enjoyed finding out who was in our cabins and we couldn’t wait to share them with our friends. Over the next two days we experienced a lot of new activities and overcame some fears. The activities were: the giant swing, flying fox, ponding, initiatives course, disc golf, archery, canoeing and crate building.

For some of the activities we felt nervous and scared but we learnt some strategies at school to help calm ourselves down so we could still have a good time. Some of us took deep breaths and told ourselves we’d be okay while some of us distracted ourselves by chatting to friends. By the end of all the activities everyone felt proud of themselves for having a go.

Other highlights on camp were our night walk, movie night, trying new foods, making sandcastles, seeing rock pools at the beach, making new friends and being away from home for two whole nights.

By the time we arrived home on Friday 18th October, we all felt exhausted! A lot of us fell asleep on the bus! By the time we got picked up by our parents we were ready to go home for a good night’s sleep.

Have a look at our photos to see what we got up to. It was an awesome experience and we can’t wait for Year 5/6 camp!