Year 1/2 Walking Excursion

On a warm Summer’s day in late February, the Year 1/2 students ventured out for a walking excursion of our local community. We learned about some of the facilities in our local community, as well as the history around our local area. After setting off on foot, our first stop was Highvale Secondary College, where we saw lots of high school students moving between classes. We then passed Highvale Manor, and learned about the activities the residents do there. Our next venture was through the streets with knights names, such as Camelot Drive, Lancelot Crescent, and Jousting Place. We were also able to spot the Police Academy in the distance! We stopped at Capital Reserve for a well deserved rest-stop and morning tea, before continuing our walk past Highvale Pre-School. A teacher came out to chat and she remembered many faces of our students! We walked along York Street, which was a great example of the new architecture replacing the older homes in Glen Waverley. Our final stop was the set of shops near our school. The students were exhausted by the time they arrived back at school around midday, but they enjoyed learning more about the local community.